A new book about Little Common

The joys and perils of business life are examined in a new book. The behind-the-scenes stories of some of the village’s iconic businesses such as The Post Office, Betts and Loyd and The Wheatsheaf, are vividly told in a series of interviews. More than a dozen businesses are featured in all. The book, called Roundabout A Year in the Life of Little Common, is written by village journalist Philip Elms and charts everyday events throughout 2017. It is available from Little Common Post Office (from 3 April) at a special launch price of £9.99.


At the LCCBA Committee Meeting of 11th June 2019, Dave Apps introduced Iain Howie from Digilicious as our web designers for the LCCBA site. Iain was keen to warn all members about an imminent change to website domains. On 26 June anyone can create a domain name with just ‘.uk’ as opposed to ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.org.uk’ etc. This means that spammers could have a field day in several ways if you do not claim the domain yourself:

They could simply replicate your web address excluding the ‘co’ and register the domain, employing similar pages etc which means customers would think it is your website when in fact it is someone else which could drive traffic away from you and lead to fraudulent activity.

They are likely to charge exorbitant prices to you for you to register the new domain when in fact you can do this yourself very simply for just a tenner –worth doing as you can redirect folk to your true site from there. Iain is happy to be contacted with queries on what to do. Contact: hello@digilicious.biz.

Christmas Competition Winners

Christmas Competition Winners

‘Lucky Number’ Raffle

£250 shopping vouchers

(Pink Ticket 244)

Winners: Kathy & Vernon Findlay


Christmas Shopping Logo identification:

newsletter: Simon Briggs

website: Wendy Gillett

Find the Letter in the shops:

Aleese, Christopher & Ethen


Christmas Lights Switch-on

On Sunday, 3rd December, at 4.30pm, Councillor Stuart Earl performed the ceremonial switch-on of the colourful lights adorning the roundabout tree. Click on the heading above to see some pictures.

A large crowd of residents and visitors, young and old, applauded enthusiastically and then repaired to the Community Centre for refreshments and to sing carols.

Council Tax Consultation

Please see below the email to LCCBA from RDC regarding Council Tax and your opportunity to feedback to them any thoughts? I suggest anyone interested click on the link for more information have a read and then complete on the online response form?Public Consultation on Council Tax and the Budget in 2018/19

Kim Monroe, LCCBA

Rother District Council would like to invite you, on behalf of Little Common and Cooden Business Association, to take part in our consultation to help inform our revenue budget for 2018/19.  This consultation is for businesses, Council Tax payers and residents in Rother.  Our options include potential changes to residents’ Council Tax charges.
We are consulting on what affects our revenue budget.  Our revenue budget is the money that is used to deliver our day-to-day services such as waste collection, street cleaning, leisure, planning and many more services.  The budget covers the running costs in delivering these services such as staff, buildings, paying suppliers and contractors and other operating costs.  You may wish to tell the Council about any potential impact on your association and its work.
You can read more information here – https://www.rother.gov.uk/article/12954/Council-Budget-201819

Your members can take part as members of the public using the online responses form on the website  https://www.rother.gov.uk/article/12954/Council-Budget-201819

You are welcome to share this invitation to any interested parties.
An interim progress report goes to Cabinet on 18 December with the results to date.
This consultation closes on 5 January 2018 and late responses may not be taken into account.
Thank you for your attention and your help.
Yours sincerely,
On behalf of Robin Vennard, Service Manager – Finance and Welfare
Joanne Wright
Policy Officer, Programme Office and Policy Team
Community & Economy Department
Rother District Council

Email consultations@rother.gov.uk

Website: www.rother.gov.uk

Twitter:  @rdcconsult – https://twitter.com/RDCconsult

Tel: 01424 787816
Rother District Council
Programme Office & Policy
Town Hall
Bexhill on Sea
TN39 3JX