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Therapies by Tania

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Experienced Therapist – Reflexology; Indian Head Massage & Reiki

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy of the feet helping to promote healing of both mind and body. Pressure is applied to the feet at specific points, and although there may be some areas which twinge, generally it is relaxing. I combine both activating the specific points with massage to soothe, it is firm, so don’t worry about being ticklish. In almost 20 years, I have only ever had one client who found it a little ticklish.

It can be used to help various disorders from migraines, Dementia, sinusitis, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, healing from surgery, sciatica, insomnia …., in fact a treatment should benefit just about everyone, with very few contraindications to the therapy.

Supporting pregnancy and beyond with reflexology is a wonderful experience. It optimises health and well-being by using  techniques designed for different stages of pregnancy and gives general lifestyle advice that help make this journey a pleasurable and amazing experience.

£5 off your first treatment when you mention this advert – normally £25 per hour session.

"Had Indian Head Massage and it was amazing. So relaxing. Felt completely pampered. Tania is a professional and skilled therapist who puts you at your ease."

"An hour's reflexology has left me relaxed and breathing freely. Asthma and coughing have both subsided. If I believed in miracles.... ! Excellent therapist."