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Following our campaign to encourage RDC to make the car park in the village free they have agreed to reduce the annual permit fee down from £498.50 to £175. So although not free it’s a big concession and will help.

Also, there will be concession during school drop off and pick up times when the carpark IS free for a 45-minute period. This should make a huge difference to Birkdale and anyone who’s tried to get through during the busy times? It should also make it a lot safer for parents and children.

I don’t yet have the details of when these changes will be introduced but as soon as we do I’ll let everyone know. These changes have come about as direct result of the petition and the campaign run by the LCCBA, so a big thank you to everyone who supported it.

Darren and I will also be attending the RDC meeting in February to put the case further for free parking so we haven’t given up yet. If anyone has any input or comments ahead of then we’d be pleased to hear from you?

Also, as you know we have secured the next 3 Saturdays for free parking in the village, so hopefully you can spread the word to your customers to encourage them into the village for longer?


Kim Monroe Dip PFS (MP & ER)