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Following the resignation of the previous Committee at the end of March, a new one was elected at a meeting on 10th April 2018 consisting of:

Chair : Dave Apps (of Wet Tech)
Vice Chair : Pete Freeman (of Denis Parkinson Carpets)
Treasurer : Laura Johnstone (of The Wheatsheaf)
Secretary : Lynn Adair (of The Wheatsheaf and DarnKnits)

Other posts:
Website and Newsletter : Nick Bygrave (resident)
Notice Board maintenance : Gavin Holden (of Pebblestone Kitchens)

At the meeting, Dave thanked all those volunteering and outlined the current aim – to try and continue the association, but in a simple way, primarily in order to maintain the flower displays in the summer and the Christmas lights in the winter.  This would ensure the village is attractive to not only current locals but also to those visiting, and would encourage use of local businesses and services